Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Mama.

I voted today, and I hope you did too.

After voting, I stopped at the nearby Wawa (fancy convenience store/gas station/coolness, but not as good as Sheetz in other parts of PA...) for some gas and a diet green tea. Walking into the store, a black lady in her mid-50's was walking toward me. She was dressed in the brightest blue-state blue jogging suit, and her face was thickly made up. She had a broad, friendly smile.

She made eye contact with me, and I smiled back. "Excuse me miss," she said, "did you vote today?"

"I certainly did!" I exclaimed, happy to have just come from my polling place.

"Did you vote for John McCain?" It seemed a loaded question. I couldn't tell if she liked or disliked the man. It was really none of her business anyway, but having already voted, I felt passionate about my candidate of choice. I noticed a pile of pamphlets in her well-manicured hand. They were red, white, blue, gold--they could have been any candidate's literature.

I decided to be honest. "Um," I lowered my voice, sounded a little more serious in case this lady was a super-duper-Republican, "actually, no, I did not."

The woman's face lit up. "Oh thank goodness!" she exclaimed. "I was worried for a minute!" This saucy stranger gave me a hug and handed me an Obama pamphlet. I told her to enjoy the rest of her day, and we both bounced off feeling a little more optimistic.

"His Story is Our Story" proclaimed the front of the Obama brochure.

I sure hope so, I thought, shuffling towards the refrigerated cases.

Time to leave work, go home, and watch election coverage until I drop. GOOOOOOBAMA!!


  1. From one Obama Mama to another - you go gurl!!!

  2. I saw he's projected to win PA, and I squealed with delight!

  3. Your post made me smile. I recognized a neighborhood mom passing out pamphlets for McCain at my polling place, but I didn't even get to wear the political T-shirts I design, because I heard I wouldn't be able to vote! It was hard to know what was appropriate on election day.

    If any of you Obama Mamas are ready to show your support for our new president on inauguration day (and later), I have a really cute collection of T-shirts for parents and Babies for Barack at http://www.littlecharacters.net.


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