Thursday, October 9, 2008

Soul Calibur 4 and Other Ways to Avoid Checking Your Glucose

I now have digital cable with Hi-Def. I have a Nintendo DS, and an incredibly underrated platformer, "Super Princess Peach". I have Soul Calibur 4 on Nigel's Xbox360.

And to play at least 2 out of the three of them, I need to walk up 2 sets of stairs. It seems to be a decent strategy. A little exercise for a little couch-potato fun. All I need is a Wii, and maybe I'll get up off my butt more often.

Anyway. I've been too busy settling in, unpacking, and collapsing in exhaustion over all of that to blog a lot lately. Sorry, all. I'm still around. I'll catch up as soon as I can consistently have a more comfortable chair to sit in. Folding chairs are convenient, but don't exactly cushion you in relaxing, pillowy comfort.

I love my new place, and my new town seems pretty sweet so far. I'm pretty happy here.

See you around the blogosphere, readers. That is, if I can just put down this damn controller.

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