Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on My Dad

He's not doing so well. Now has a blood clot in one of his legs. Because of the pancreatic cancer, they are not going to operate.

I guess they are trying some blood thinners, but if they don't work and then the clot moves to the heart or lungs...

My aunt is trying to get him into a nice hospice. I don't know that Dad realizes yet that's where he's probably headed. His girlfriend apparently has remarked that she can't take care of him, and basically doesn't want him to come back home. Can't say that I'm surprised--I've never been terribly impressed with her.

Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do with myself. I wonder if I should be doing more, but then I realize I'm doing all I can. I know that Dad just wants me to do what makes me the happiest, so I call him as much as I can. I send him notes. I put his care into the able hands of his healthcare providers and my aunts (his sisters, both of whom are nurses) who are helping as much as they can.

I know that in the long run, things aren't going to be fine. This won't end well. But for now he seems to be in good spirits, and he's comfortable. That's really all I can ask for at this point.

I thought, as my loyal readers and friends, you all deserved to know.

As for me, I'm holding up pretty well considering. At times I'm probably a bit more emotional than normal, but I'm just trying to go about my life as usual. I know for a fact my dad doesn't want me sitting around and being upset all the time.

So tonight Matt, Nigel and I are going out to look at a different place to rent. Don't get me wrong--I love our current house, but I'm hoping to find a place I'm equally fond of that will save me a couple hundred bucks a month. We've been running into a lot of pesky car repairs lately, plus other expenses we weren't expecting and with our rent being what it is, we're still unable to get new furniture. We have been discussing furniture for months, and it's just never quite enough in our budget. Granted, we are better at staying afloat now that we're all working, but a cheaper rent means we can get more of what we want--a new couch, nice chairs for the dining room, a real bedroom set...

Whatever happens, we'll all get by. Hope you're well, blogosphere.


  1. Hannah -
    (HUGS) - Big ones, to both you and your Dad. dBlogville loves you and is sending positive vibes your way.
    Also, remind me to thank Gary for his meetings - because meeting you is one of the best things about them!
    I know that your father is happiest when your happy. Your doing the best you can and that's all you can do.

    Whatever you need,let dBlogvillers know.

    As far as moving - take your time and read the fine print in lease.

    (BIG HUGS) again!

  2. Hey Hannah,

    It sounds like you are holding together pretty well. We're all out here thinking about you and praying for you and your family. Please do let us know if you need anything or if there is anything we can do.

  3. Sounds like your dad has some very loving and caring sisters. That is awesome.

    I am glad you seem to be doing good. Emotional stuff happens and I find it helps. Take care and please let me know if you need anything. Especially if you are feeling down and need someone to make you laugh. I am good that that. :)

    (((Big Ninja Hug)))

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I was wondering how things were going, knowing that they probably were as exactly as they are. :(

    Thinking about you.

  5. Big hugs to you and your family, Hannah. I know this has got to be more difficult than I can imagine.

    If you need anything - email/call, OK?

    xo - N

  6. Oh Hannah. I'm sorry. It really just leaves one at a loss for words. Life throws us some major curve balls, but we've got to stay in the game.
    If you panic about not knowing what to do, just wait a moment and do what comes next - you'll know.

  7. I'm sending prayers your way and your dad's way.


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