Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Am I Not a Philebrity?

If you want to see a classic moment of me in action, this is the moment to look to:

Comic book t-shirt, uproarious cackling, and yes, you can see my molars. I've never had a cavity, thankyouverymuch. That belly dancer had it in for me, but I'm glad to see she was smiling for the picture as well. I may be laughing my ass off, but in the end, I wanted to take belly dance lessons.

The diabetes meet-up in Philly was a smashing success. Not only did I get to have lunch with some really great people, but I then got to spend the rest of my day with many of them. I was not planning on having such a long, amazing day, but it was honestly one of the best days I've had in a long time, not to mention the longest such day. I got up at 9am to take my car to the garage. I came back, had some breakfast and was ready to go out to lunch. At 12:30, we met up at the Applebees on City Line Ave in Philadelphia. We had me, Matt, Allison, Kelly, Kelly's friend Emily, Scott Strumello, Scott's partner Joe, Gary and Betty. They are not pictured in order, but here they all are:
How silly of a group was this in the end? Well, let's just say that we actually figured out a gang sign for Type 1...D-1, ya'll! Yeee-yuh! My personal note on this pic...tell us how you really feel, Scott. Haha. I am such the suburban gangsta. Check out my tough girl face. Diabetes don't raise no sissies. From left to right, that's Scott Strumello, Allison Blass, Kelly Kunik and yours truly, Hannah McD. I seem like I'm really short, but I just tend to lean a lot.

What a crazy day! Matt went home to prep for his studio time, so Allison was kind enough to give me a lift to Kelly's apartment in South Philly. We relaxed for a bit, strolled up to South Street, then joined Scott and Joe for Moroccan food at Marrakesh. Delicious food was had by all, and massive boluses were taken by all except Joe, but he knew what it was like. Also, I don't know how she did it, but Kelly succeeded at tipping the belly dancer.

After all of this, I enjoyed an eventful ride back to Ardmore thanks again to Allison and Kelly. I joined my boys i, fanblades at Range Recordings, where they were already about halfway through their all-night recording session. I managed to stay awake through the whole thing, and I am totally thrilled to say I will appear in background vocals on one of their tracks! I can actually sing, but in this one I'm just yelling/chanting along with the guys. It's still really cool to know that I got to record in an actual studio.

After the whirlwind of awesomeness, I finally collapsed into my bed at about 6am Sunday. I still haven't really caught up on sleep, hence the delay in this post. Hence the fact that I'm headed off to bed again.

I just want to thank all my bloggin' friends out there for being so darn cool in person, at least the few of you I've met so far.

And for the record, there is nothing more hilarious than making a restaurant waitress nervous:

Applebee's Server: So do you guys want dessert?
Kelly: Really? You are offering dessert to an entire table full of diabetics? What are you thinking!?
Applebee's Server: Ummmm...I'm...
Kelly: We're kidding! Just kidding you! Who wants dessert?
Most of the Table: ME!!
Applebee's Server: (finally smiling) Oh, okay. You had me worried there.


  1. Man, I am so sorry I missed this one! Too bad Philly is so damn phar (phor me)

    Dessert's on me next time we're all in the same city!

    :) AmyT

  2. You are SOOO the Philebrity!
    Saturday was great, and u are certainly a Super Hero (hence the reason for your shirt,) for singing with the band and carrying on like a Rock Star after such a long day!


  3. wow this is awesome. i love reading everyone's posts about it. maybe next time i'll be in...well that half of the country at least!

    glad you had such a great time!


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