Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On Hold.

I keep staring at the phone, occasionally shooting a glare in its general direction. Why? Because it's not ringing.

When it does ring, it's not who I'm hoping to hear from.

I want my phone to ring. I want it to be Smiths Medical calling to say that the insurance company has come to their senses.

Yeah, I haven't mentioned that yet, but my insurance will cover my new pump at 100%, but they don't want to pay for a new pump at all if the one I have is still working. Sure, it works, but not in a way that's any longer optimal for me. I came up with a list of anything that could potentially be "wrong" with it. Yes, it still basically does what I need it to, but the fact that my pump has a high-pitched hum when you turn on the backlight is a bit of a concern. Sometimes the motor sounds a little old and grindy. I hope these facts will convince my insurance that I need a new pump ASAP.

I want it to ring, and I want it to be someone telling me that I'm hired. I had a great interview just before Easter, and I am still clinging to the hope that I'm the one they want. I feel like this is one of those jobs where rejection will certainly cause me some tears. I thought things went perfectly. I'm just hoping this organization agrees with me.

When my phone rings, I want it to be my husband, because I could use some cheering up right about now.

And when the heck is the dentist's office going to call me? If they don't call back, they took all my insurance info for nothing. Woo hoo.

It's amazing how one little object can feel like the very thing keeping your entire life on hold.

Edit, 12:25pm: Smiths called! The insurance is paying for my pump, and it's coming Monday! YAAAYYY!


  1. I know how you feel. I've been on two "perfect" interviews lately that ended in nothing :( Sometimes it's worse than dealing with guys!

    Hope you hear the ringy-dingies you're waiting for soon.

  2. Hi Hannah.

    That's great news. Does your pump manufacturer offer a credit if you return your old one?

  3. YEAH!!!!! You got your pump approved!!!!
    As far as the waiting for the phone to ring thing, it's a bitch!

  4. HOORAY!!! The hum thing would freak me out.

    C'mon phone, keep a ringing!!!

  5. Yay, I'm glad they came to their senses! I can't wait to know what color Cozmo you picked. As for those other calls hopefully they will come soon too.

  6. Anonymous5:39 PM

    yayyy that's great news about the pump.. and I hope you hear equally as exciting news from the job!! good luck! and what is that hum thing?! Mine does it sometimes too with the back light, but it's relatively new (6 months or so)

  7. Wohoo!! Congrats on the pump approval.
    Just on a side note, how loud is the sound the pump makes with the backlight? All the pumps make somewhat of a "siren", but mine has to be quite close to my ear to hear.

  8. Congratulations on the good news from the insurance company!


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