Monday, March 10, 2008

It Even Does Impressions!

Matt, Nigel, Alana and I sat in the booth at the Double T Diner, waiting on our food. My loaner DexCom is nestled snugly in my purse. I hear its now-too-familar "Beeeep! Beeeep!" and pull it out. It says I'm low. My meter says I'm a few points higher. I don't worry about the numbers too much. I am curious how the last few hours have played out.

I spent a good amount of time bopping around at the Horrorpops show at the Trocadero. What was it like? This might give you a better idea:

I have decided I should pursue a career as a go-go backup dancer. Anyway...

I took a peek at my 3-hour screen, and especially on the 9-hour screen, you could see the plummet. My BS was high when we left for the show, normal when we left the club, low when we got to the diner. I chuckled to myself, then said to my friends, "Hey, you guys wanna see my DexCom do an impression of the stock market?" We got some giggles out of it, then went about our business--eating dinner, since it was probably around midnight and we were starving.

I love opportunities like that, the chances we get to make light of our diabetes. I'm not saying it's something that doesn't need to be taken seriously, but isn't it just a relief to get a laugh out of it instead of tears or anger?

It was a fun weekend. I didn't make it to Divabetic, but if you did, I hope you had a great time.

I think my only setback of the weekend was the fact that my DexCom Seven receiver won't charge. I have a charger, but plugging it in seems to do no good, so I'm making a quick detour to Gary's office again this afternoon to hopefully pick up a charger that works. I don't think the receiver is the problem, since there's only one place to plug things into it, and it calibrates with the meter just fine.

Oh, for those of you who have asked, the DexCom Seven I am using is the old style, so it can only be calibrated using a OneTouch Ultra meter. I use either an Ultra 2 or an Ultra Mini, so I at least have the strips handy, but it is a pain going back and forth between the different meters. I guess I could use my borrowed one exclusively, but I'd rather use my own when I'm not calibrating. Thank goodness new DexCom models will be offered (are being offered?) that will calibrate with ANY meter. That's something for everyone out there to look forward to.

Off I go, just another manic Monday, etc., etc.


  1. LOL - when I was wearing Dex, it looked like a stock market graph some days, too. And YES, I completely agree that it's a relief to get a laugh out of diabetes instead of tears or anger. That's a big part of my whole management plan, damnit: Laughing my arse off.

    And I made it to Divabetic in NYC - it was cool! :)

  2. Glad your keeping your silly skills intact during your dexcom trial.

    I looked for u at Divabetic - it was really fun. I met Mother Love - she's great!

    Glad 2 hear that the Troc Rocked!


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