Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sussies, Snow, and Generalized Dorkiness.

I got my sussy! Granted, it was nearly a week ago when this happened, but I realized I hadn't written about it. I wanted to take pics, but I've been eating the candy, and the box got recycled by my husband for putting some holiday decorations in the attic. I must say, I was surprised when I came home from shopping to see a Medtronic MiniMed box on my doorstep. "I didn't order supplies," I said aloud. "What the hell?" As I got closer to the package, I realized it had cutouts from comic books taped to it and handwritten labels. "Sussy!" I exclaimed.

I hustled inside to open it. I was thrilled to find it was from Carrie, at Bad Decision Maker. She and I have had quite the Scrabble game going over our Facebook accounts--she challenged me to find out who was the dorkier Dorkabetic, and it's been really fun. Taking a cue from my dorkalicious suggestions, I got a tasty dark chocolate bar and some actually good-tasting sugar-free candies. I got a nifty notebook to write poems in, some organic herbal tea, and two really awesome mix cds. One of the cds has a great cover--lots of ladies from comic books. The other cd is titled "Broken and Fabulous", which is apparently a reference to this zine, which I think I'll be reading later on tonight. (Tip on the 'zine came from Carrie's blog.)

Why? The weather is nasty, so I'm definitely not going anywhere. Thankfully, Matt is also not going to attempt to drive to Delaware for his band practice, and Nigel has decided not to drive back from work in Delaware. He's going to stay with some friends, most likely. It snowed on and off all day, resulting in an inch or two, but now there's sleet and freezing rain. What a massive mess. Matt's normally 40-minute commute took him 2 hours. Hibernation sounds good right about now. Maybe a DVD.

Definitely some video games. I got myself a Nintendo DS! It's pink! Who knew you could have so much fun poking at a 2x2 screen with a stick? Well, I didn't necessarily buy it for myself. It's a birthday present--they're just hard to find, so I didn't want to wait around until after tomorrow, the 13th, which is my actual birthday. I figure I'll break the news to the family post-birthday, and offer them my profound thanks because their birthday money made it possible. Meanwhile, if you need me, I'll be playing "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney".


  1. Buying your own birthday gift is a great idea!
    Have a wonderful birthday Hannah!

  2. OH my God, that game is so good. And so is the sequel.

    *dorks out*


    Now I have to go back and figure out who's older ;)

    What are the odds of two self-described dorks and Type 1 diabetics sharing a birthday?!?

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. Happy Almost Birthday! Sounds like you found the perfect present.

  5. Another February birthday!! There are so many of us!
    Here's to a fun & fabulous birthday :)


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