Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm Bringin' Dorky Back

Okay, so, I realized I haven't talked nerd stuff in quite some time, mostly because I've been spending a lot of time talking about my job search or the steps I'm taking to improve my diabetes control. Let's talk dork stuff! This is Dorkabetic, after all.

First of all, there's a nerdy new development in my life that has to do with my job search. I answered a blind ad on Craigslist. A company was searching for a multi-tasking office assistant who could handle a variety of duties including sales support. It sounded maybe a bit lackluster, but I noticed it was with a publishing company, and being somebody who loves reading, my outlook on the job was improved. Yesterday, I get a phone call from the recruiter responsible for this job, and she wants me to come in for an interview. I discover this isn't just any publishing company. This is a COMIC BOOK publishing company! Now I am definitely interested. The interview is tomorrow morning.

Then tomorrow afternoon I interview with a different company, and I go to a third place on Friday! Things are looking up on the job front. Crap, I managed to still talk about the same topics I always talk about. How can I relate nerdiness to my diabetes care?

I think I want a Nintendo DS for my birthday (which is coming up really soon, as in the day before Valentines Day). Too bad the Glucoboy isn't yet available in the US, according to its website.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing Mass Effect on the Xbox 360. It's a great-looking game, and you can customize your player when you start a new career with everything from a psychological profile to what makeup she's wearing. (I made a she, of course, you can also be a he, or you can just play the character the game gives you.) Incredibly addictive gaming, though honestly, I've never played an RPG before, so at first the whole concept of levelling up was somewhat foreign to me. Now I think I know what I'm doing. I still can't shoot things very well, but there's a lot of talking to people and gathering objects. I excel at that. I figure if I keep playing enough, I'll also excel at shooting robot aliens.

Nothing much else to report in the news of the nerdy, save an amusing anecdote from late last night:

ME: Babe, do you still wanna go with me to the Type 1 group at Gary's office tomorrow night?
MATT: Yeah, I guess so.
ME: I think it'll be good. You'll like Gary, he's cool. Oh, and the topic for the evening is data uploading and analysis.
MATT: Really??! Ha, I just got way too excited about that, didn't I?
ME: Maybe a little. But it makes you cute.
MATT: I like data. I can't help it.

Off to the aforementioned meeting! Ta-ta!


  1. nothing like a geeks and geekettes getting dorkified over diabetes!

  2. A comic book company! Wow!

    Landileigh writes the best comments.

    Good luck!

  3. A comic book company? Sounds like something right up your alley! Good luck!

  4. Sweetness!

    I like talking nerd stuff.


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