Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Offer advice! Answer a meme! Or both...

The choice is yours. I should go to bed, but weird hours are a habit on weekends. I promise I'll be snoozing in the next 20 minutes or so. Soooo...

1. I am considering a Cozmo as my next pump instead of a MiniMed. A lot of the options seem more flexible to me. Do you have a Cozmo? Do you like it?

2. Meme Time!

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  1. I have a Cozmo pump and ABSOLUTELY love it. I had a minimed 508 before this but I LOVE my cozmo. It is very intuitive. The upgrade that tells me how many carbs to eat is just a bonus. Before using the dexcom I used the cozmonitor. It does make it kind of thick and bulky but never had an issue with it. Okay the one word to describe you is Intelligent

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  3. koolio


    (I know, that's two!)

  4. I have a Cozmo. Of course it's my first pump but there are a few things I like about it.
    Waterproof, we have a pool and I was afraid with a MiniMed I would be pushed in and the pump would go kaput!
    It's very customizable(sp), but only if you don't have windows vista.
    It comes in green, definitely fun (at least when you are 16)!
    It has a magical feature that tells you how many carbs to use for a low. (I don't use it but it's still cool.)
    Getting back to the homescreen is simple.
    More infusion set choices, I use Animas Insets with it (they come in funky colors!!!)
    300 unit reservoir, for those of us (me included) who need a boat load of insulin.


  5. I've only ever worn a Cozmo, but like everyone else, I really love it. I used the Hypo Manager and it's pretty nifty- as well as the Meal Maker, if you forget the carb count for something. Customer service for Cozmo is pretty awesome.

    I'm a fan....Let us know what you end up doing! :o) Allison

  6. I've had a Cozmo pump for about 3 and a half years. I switched to them after a MM508. The things that attracted me to the Cozmo were the fact that is was guaranteed waterproof (which it turns out I never use it in water), the reservoir size, the ability to use more sites.
    There are a lot of things that I like about the Cozmo now that I have it. First- it is very menu driven, much like a cell phone. Second- the ability to customize almost everything. I can set up BG reminders that say stupid things. For example, last year around 9pm I needed to test, and I was often studying. So instead of the pump ordering me to test my blood sugar (which annoyed me) it said "study break!" It made me more likely to follow thru. The alarms and basal rates can change by day of the week.
    The hypo manager is nice, but I rarely do exactly what it recommends.
    Although it does make it a little thicker, I love the Cozmonitor. I don't have to add blood sugar readings to my pump. It removes a step of the process, and is one less thing to carry.
    There are a lot of other features that I don't take full advantage that are very cool.
    The last thing I love about my Cozmo is the customer service. I had major problems with MM customer service. I realize that is not the case with many people, but that was my experience. With Cozmo it is usually "let's work together to figure out the problem and a solution." With MM is seemed like it was "what are you doing wrong?" and that was an attitude I didn't appreciate. It is very much a YMMV thing.
    I don't think you'd be disappointed with a Cozmo. Most, if not all of the basic, everyday things are very much the same. The biggest thing that is affecting my future is Cozmo is the future of CGMS. I dearly hope they will team up with someone very soon.

  7. I've been very happy with my Cozmo too. The size isn't an issue - I stick it in my pocket and it looks just like a cell-phone lump if anyone notices.
    It has tons of features - most people don't use them all but it seems like most folks use some of them.
    The one downside is it doesn't take rechargeable batteries, and I tend to go through one every six site changes or so (15-20 days).
    I really really love the Cozmonitor even though I don't always use it. On some of my pj pants I have concealed pockets that make it hard to whip out the pump and I was having a hard time being willing to take the time for testing with it, so sometimes I use an UltraSmart when I'm at home in pjs. The rest of the time, though, the Cozmonitor is my bestest friend :)
    Upgrades are free if you're still in warranty - they just did one last year that provided all the new features (disconnect, hypo manager, temp basal, etc.) I've been very pleased so far.


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