Thursday, January 31, 2008

Get Hannah, On-Demand.

So that interview I mentioned I might have the other day? I had it this morning. It wasn't terrible, but it really doesn't feel like the right job for me. There were some aspects of it that I enjoyed, but not enough good parts to make the job sound like a good decision. I found that to be a little disappointing, until...

my cell phone rings on the way home from the interview. It's a lady responding to the resume I sent regarding her ad on Craigslist. She sounds very impressed and wants me to come in to interview as soon as possible. I make an appointment for tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm. She says she'll send an email with an address so I can get directions.

I get home and check my email. There is an email from someone else, responding to a job application I submitted. Honestly, it's been long enough since I applied for this position, I forgot I applied in the first place. I have apparently passed their first round of screenings. I need to answer a question and email my response back if I'm still interested, then they'll consider taking me on to the next round of interviews. I oblige.

I make lunch, a big bowl of veggie soup and a few frozen chicken nuggets. I watch Paula Deen and Rachel Ray cook stuff on the Food Network. I call my mom to give her all the job news. I call my doctor's office about a question they had, which turns out was already solved before I called them.

I get another phone call, this one from a woman at a nonprofit I recently applied to, and I speak with her for 10 or 15 minutes. She's doing phone screens for their job applicants, I assume to figure out who's still interested, who's not a psycho, and who's good with all kinds of crazy multi-tasking. I'm a "yes" on all of those things, so we chat for a bit, and she knows to keep me in the running. She seemed pretty confident that I'll get another call. Of course, this means more waiting.

I wonder if I'll get any more phone calls today? Or even tomorrow? Has anyone told you, when looking for a job, that when it rains, it pours? I've been told that, but I didn't really believe it until today. Let's hope for speedy follow-up from the folks who followed up with me this afternoon!

Also, random poll of the day...if you have an insulin pump, where do you put it when you go on a job interview, or even an important meeting where you don't want other people to necessarily notice it? My pump came to my interview this morning tucked away in my bra. I've been on an interview before and had it fall out of my pocket! I want to avoid those situations when I can. Now if only I knew where I packed that Thigh Thing when we moved....


  1. Good luck with all the job prospects. With all of the responses you got today, you are bound to land at least one of them. Hopefully it will be the one you want the most.

  2. Good going on the job front! Definitely pays to troll with many lines until you hook the big one :). I just started looking for some part-time or temp work in my field, and when I start getting interviews (notice I said when, no t if), plan to wear my pump clipped to the waist of my slacks, but with a jacket covering it.

  3. go with your gut.

    i am waiting, too!

  4. Seems like things are looking up! Don't really have much advice on the interview bit.

  5. My personal opinion is that you shouldn't tell them you have diabetes until after you've been hired. On your first day you should tell your supervisor and whoever you work with that you have diabetes, but reassure them you are under control and may only need to take rare 10 minute breaks if your blood sugar falls low. If you tell them before, you risk them not hiring you - they'll just come up with another reason to make up for the "you can't discriminate" clause. But you also want to be safe and have them know you have diabetes.

  6. I wore it clipped to my pants and it was hidden by the jacket of my suit.

    However, my interview included a dinner, and my (now current) boss saw me pushing buttons and guess what? Her son is diabetic on a pump :D

    And Allison gave some really good advice above!

  7. I wear mine clipped at the waist under a jacket, too.

  8. I third the advice about wearing it on a waistband, covered by a jacket. Or wear bike shorts under a skirt and clip it to the leg--my favorite.

    Keep an eye out for low battery or low reservoir alarms, too. I beeped once during an interview (at a fitness magazine, no less) and the woman interviewing me was like, "what WAS that?" I feigned ignorance, but knew exactly what it was and didn't want to get into specifics.

    Good luck with everything!

  9. Anonymous8:07 AM

    sounds like you've got a lot of options, good job! I don't really have any input on the interview thing though, because sadly I've never had a job let alone a job interview :P If I don't want people to see it thought I usually clip it to my waist band and my shirt covers it

  10. I hae worn my pump on my pant waist. But my favorite place is to nestle it in my bra. It fits pretty well there - luckily, I have a lot of padding to hide it!

    Good luck!

  11. The first months I was teaching, I almost always had my pump in a teensy clip under my pants ( Sometimes it hung funny or got stuck/caught on underwear, but for the most part it was fine. The bike shorts/thigh thing can work under looser pants too.
    Sounds like the prospects are bright and shiny - best of luck!

  12. I hope the job hunting (and finding) goes well. I usually stick my pump in my bra. That's the easiest place to hide it for me. I don't like to wear it there on a regular basis, but if I am trying to keep it out of site, the bra is the place.


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