Monday, December 17, 2007

"We Are Okay in a Misguided Sadist Way"

Listening to Glassjaw at the moment while applying for some jobs online.

Music says a lot about a person. I think a lot of people who meet me wouldn't believe some of the music I like to listen to, and this goes for all kinds of people. Hipsters might not necessarily realize I like Fall Out Boy and No Doubt. People who like rap and hip-hop probably wouldn't peg me as the kind of person who likes songs like "99 Problems".

Here's a sampling of some bands/artists that I like, in an effort for you to know more about me:

The Faint
Rilo Kiley
Bright Eyes
No Doubt
Fall Out Boy
The International Noise Conspiracy
Saul Williams
Fiona Apple
Franz Ferdinand
Phantom Planet
Regina Spektor
TV on the Radio
Green Day
Gwen Stefani
Amy Winehouse
Lily Allen
Reel Big Fish
Foo Fighters
The Misfits
Blinker the Star
The Decemberists
Death Cab for Cutie
Ben Folds (with or without the Five)
Motion City Soundtrack
The Killers

And that's just a short list. But you've got rap, ska, punk, indie, screamy dudes, keyboard driven pop-rock...there's a ton of stuff. I mean, looking at the list, it seems fairly cohesive to me.

But I like what I like, and that even includes disco, showtunes, and a ton of 80's music.

What's your favorite music?


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM


    And I could not find a single country artist on that list! Its really not that bad if you give it a chance. For a newbie I would suggest trying some Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift and working your way up from there!

  2. Moments--I don't know that there are many country albums I could listen to all the way through, but I certainly like a song here and there. I really dig classics like Johnny Cash, and all kinds of southern rockabilly.

    I like Dixie Chicks, and a little Carrie Underwood...

    I also like some folk and bluegrass-type stuff (I'm thinking of The Be Good Tanyas and Nickel Creek), and a lot of the indie rock I like is borderline alt-country, like Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.

    As I've said, I've got musical tastes all over the place! :)

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Your musical selection isn't that diverse. Very common, actually.


  4. Anonymous--Sorry, no fail.

    Some people only listen to punk, or country, or rap, or "modern rock" or "classic rock".

    The point I'm trying to make is that I like it all. The bands I enjoy play tiny clubs; they also play stadiums.

    Maybe my tastes aren't THAT unique, but I'm not saying my music is sooooo different from yours or anyone else's.

    I'm just saying I like a lot of things, and wondering what kinds of things my readers are into.

    Also, I don't meet a lot of people who think my musical interests are terribly common. Most people I meet haven't heard of half the bands I like because they're not "household name"-types of bands.

    Just because my favorite artists aren't THAT diverse doesn't mean I don't have diversity in what I listen to.

    What's your definition of diverse? I'm curious.

  5. I like songs for the lyrics more than for the music, mostly. I am fond of jazz and techno. I like silly songs, diabetes songs, science songs, jewish songs.

  6. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Good to hear!!

    I hope you know anonymous or that was kinda harsh!

  7. Well, since I am old enought to be your mother, I guess I can say:

    Bob Dylan
    Van Morrison

  8. cool list, hannah,

    hey, can you email me with your address? I have a postcard from Taiwan with your name on it, and time is running out!

  9. If you like folk/bluegrass and alt-country, I definitely recommend checking out Gillian Welch (my favorite is Time the Revelator album, some of it is pretty melancholy but beautiful).

  10. Your music collection makes me think of what's on my shuffle currently. A lot of our music seems similar. I always thought I was fortunate to grow up around people with lots of dis-similar music taste, and by extension, I like a bit of everything.


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