Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First I Shopped, Now I've Dropped

(Attention readers: this is a post where I blather about shopping at length. If you don't really care about shopping, I won't be offended if you decide to turn your attentions elsewhere. Really.)

The King of Prussia Mall is one of the largest malls in the country, and for all intents and purposes, it's practically around the corner from my house. Surely, here is a place I could find a dress to wear to Matt's company's holiday party.


After a disappointment yesterday at the Torrid store at the Montgomery Mall, I still ended up with some casual wear. Therefore, no casual wear needed to be purchased today. Otherwise, I may have ended up with a couple bagfuls of cute finds.

However, here's how the dress search has gone thus far:

Yesterday at Torrid, I tried on a couple of dresses that caught my eye. The one in the pic from my post the other day wasn't in my size at the store. One dress was just kind of eh, and the other was a bit better, however, not ideal. When designing a plus-sized dress with a band in the middle, the designers don't generally take into account that it just MAY be the thickest part of someone's waist. No flattery. Though I did score an adorable Catwoman t-shirt and a cute sweater-jacket-thing.

Today, King of Prussia, or, the K 0' P. Upon entering this mecca of shopping, I am faced with stores that most likely sneer at someone of my size, not to mention sneer at my idea of a sensible price range. The first stores I see are Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, and Lilly Pulitzer. (I must admit, though, Ferragamo had some hot boots in the window and Lilly Pulitzer is pretty cute.) Consulting the handy mall directory, as I would many times throughout the afternoon, I decide to head for everyone's plus-size staple store, Lane Bryant.

They have one dress. I try it on. It looks like a potato sack, except it's pretty, black and made of velvet. Those are some damn fine potatoes they sell in these things. I look ridiculous. Before I move on to another store, I buy some bras. Not what I came in for, but always a good purchase.

Moseying around the corner, I find the Sanrio store, and I must go in. Don't worry, kids, I didn't buy a Hello Kitty coffee maker or anything. I did ogle a Hello Kitty laptop case (for that MacBook I keep dreaming of) and pick up a couple little things that will be a gift for a friend.

I make the considerable hike down to the Nordstrom store. On their website, they have many adorable plus-size evening dresses to choose from. In the store, not so much. I find maybe a dozen styles total, most meant to be worn by ladies of a certain age. No offense to anyone out there, but I find that whole Dynasty-esque heavily beaded jacket with coordinating skirt combo a little ridiculous on a 25-year-old. The dresses that I do find that are cute are definitely not in my size. I pause to ogle some expensive shoes, because the shoe department at Nordstrom is HUGE, but then I move on.

I have been walking for a long time and a long distance at this point. My limbs are starting to ache and I am frustrated at the lack of upscale fashion options for anyone over a size 14 at this monster mall. I mean, come on, the freakin' DEB shop there doesn't carry plus sizes! I haven't seen a DEB shop without them in like 5 years. I pause on a bench at the walkway between the 2 parts of the mall (The Court & The Plaza, respectively) and call Matt. We chat for a few minutes and by then, my pain subsides and I'm ready for more.

Into The Court I go. I walk into the Macy's store. Surely Macy's will have at least a couple of dresses for a girl like me.

Not a single one. Not in the plus department. Not in the dress department, which was chock full o' dresses for anyone in between a 2 and a 16 if they're lucky. I envy you and your cute, easy selections.

I attempt a last-ditch effort trip to Bloomingdale's. I find 3 dresses which I think are gorgeous, and I don't try on a single one, because they are all $225 or more.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I wandered into Sephora, which is just like walking into a candy store, except way better on your blood sugar levels. Colors and smells and shiny things! I walked out with this Urban Decay eyeshadow palette which I've been coveting ever since I saw it online. Hey, if I can't have the stunning dress I want, I can have the stunning makeup I want.

So it's back to the drawing board. Or the internet. Or the stores I haven't visited yet.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Fashion Bug, Avenue, and maybe even David's Bridal. Sometimes you can get a pretty good deal on last season's evening wear there. And I know all of these places will at least have SOMETHING in my size. If that's no good, I'll probably spend the evening online, spending money.

I just want to find something soon, because then, I have to figure out the best way to conceal my pump under it.

It was a workout, it was a mildly stressful experience, but it wasn't all that terrible. I may even go back to King of Prussia, but probably NOT during holiday shopping time. Well, I didn't happen to make it to Urban Outfitters, so maybe if I only go there...

Hmm, so there's the scoop on the K o' P, one of the largest shopping malls in the world!

Coming tomorrow...answers to some of your burning questions!


  1. egads...i can relate. i am sorry you're having a hard time finding a dress. i don't know why they'd accentuate the middle of someone with a band. i mean, unless you're a size 2, no one wants that. And those huge malls burn me out, big time. i totally have to be in the right frame of mind to go into them, and even then, tend to get tired after two hours tops. when i lived in minneapolis, i went to the mall of america twice, and got in a fight with my companions each time. big malls bring out the worst in me.

    hope you find something tomorrow. :)

  2. I still have trouble finding dresses sometimes, and I'm a 12 now. It's like if you aren't the perfect size, no one cares about you. And yet the average woman in this country is a size 12 or 14!

    I can't stand KoP as a mall.. I haven't been there in years, but my parents go every now and again. Too big, too busy. Fashion Bug had some cute dresses last time I looked.. but mainly in black, no pretty colors. I wish you good luck though, there's got to be a dress out there for you.

  3. Maybe you should try one of those "jacket" outfits. I got one for Kim's wedding (the jacket patterned, not beaded) with dress pants, and it looked very snazzy, not old. I'd suggest when going into a place like Macy's that you go to the plus department and seek out the oldest woman there. They can be very helpful at finding something that will be flattering.

  4. I usually have good luck with party dresses at Fashion Bug (Avenue I love, but tends not to have so much in the pretty-dress category, but is great for work clothes - at least around here).

    However, if that doesn't work out for you, and you're willing to shop online, I cannot recommend Roamans enough (www.roamans.com) - I'd say a good 40 - 50% or more of my clothes come from there.

    Good luck on your pretty dress quest!!!

  5. You’ve been tagged. Check my blog to see what to do next!

  6. I tagged you, but it seems LandiLeigh beat me to it.

    By the way KoP SUCKS!!!!
    I hope you find something fabulous.

  7. I tagged you!!! (see my blog)

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  8. gah, that sounds so frustrating (especially from this kid who doesn't like shopping unless it is for food). i hate the stores that cannot deal with having ANYTHING cute in plus sizes.

    your description of luxurious potato sacks made me laugh.

    as for concealing the pump, i rarely wear dresses, but when i do, i'm a big fan of the "thigh thing." it's a little pouch with an elastic strap that goes around your thing (or calf if it's a long dress & that's more comfortable). you can get 'em online for less than $20.

    i also tagged you in the meme! i see drea beat me to it.

  9. I am in complete sympathy. Here is a link to an interview with RealityPlus Clothing Company's Beth Anne Herrin at the Perfectly Shaped World website. You may find some fashion answers at her site and store (and of course we'd welcome seeing you at ours as well). They have actually gone out of their way to model clothing on a plus size mannequin instead of throwing plus size designs on stick-figure women / models.

    Perfectly Shaped World: RealityPlus Clothing Company to the Rescue

  10. I usually buy my apparels, jewelry, shoes and other accessories from ROAMANS at discounted prices through couponalbum.com site........!!


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