Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hauntings!

Looks like Halle Berry is going as a Type 2 Pregnant Lady for Halloween. More details, Ms. Berry? The rest of us Type 1's are DYING to know your secrets. (Yes, you can all start rolling your eyes. Thanks to Kerri and Kassie for the tip...)

I remember Halloweens past, post-diagnosis. My mom informed everyone in the neighborhood what was going on with me, so every person on my street made up a Trick-or-Treat bag just for me. I'd get toys, pencils, packs of gum, sugar-free candy...and from a couple of people I didn't know, I'd get the regular stuff.

Back on the good old food exchange system, I wasn't supposed to eat any regular candy at all, ever. Or at least that was my family's interpretation of it. If I got regular candy in my bag, I'd then sell it to my parents. Hey, a nickel a Snickers seemed like a good deal. Then, I would always end up with a bunch of candy they didn't like--Nerds, Gobstoppers, Sour Patch Kids, etc. Sometimes it would be thrown away. Sometimes I'd give it to friends. A time or two I ate it myself, and I'm not necessarily proud of it, but had I known how to correct for a handful of sugary treats back then, I could have saved myself some guilt.

How do you/did you deal with diabetes at Halloween? (Whether it's you or your kids, I'm interested to know!)

Now if only I could keep my insulin pump from popping out over my corset top....

Here's a Halloween song for you, kind of. With the Misfits, every day is Halloween! Listen to "Dig Up Her Bones", bop around the room, and most of all, have a Happy Halloween/Dio De Los Muertos!


  1. Gah, I can't get into post Danzig Misfits. ;P

  2. Haha, Mike. I just think this song is pretty sweet, but I'm WAY more partial to "Last Caress" or "Skulls", or even more appropriately for this entry, "Halloween". :)

  3. haha, "type 2 pregnant lady." maybe it really was a halloween costume. if not, yes please Ms. Berry, oh please do enlighten the rest of us who haven't figured out how to get off our insulin addiction.


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