Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Comcast Saves the Day!

Thanks to the adorable 40-something Comcast tech with the Japanese accent and the contagious smile, I have returned to the Land of the Bloggers! Unfortunately, the poor fellow could not figure out how to hook the cable up to our TV. Nigel got a wall mount, and our flat screen is now happily resting, picture-frame-style, on the wall, with the cables fed through the wall and under the stairs. The cable jack is somewhere in the middle of all this. I'm sure Nigel can fix it. I hope he gets home before The Daily Show.

Matt is loving his new job, though his commute is a bit long. He's got a break this week, because work sent him to a software class in King of Prussia, which is only about 10 miles away. It's nice having him home earlier. We clean, we try to unpack, then we give up and go rent a movie or get dinner.

So, Blue Bell seems to be a nice town. We are only a mile or two from gated communities near the country club of what I lovingly refer to as "McMansions", a term I first heard out of Matt's grandfather. You know the ones--huge places, pretty much made-to-order but mostly devoid of personality. You are bound to run into someone with money when you go out. You can see it in the cars people drive, in the attitudes of some people, but for the most part, Blue Bell is a quiet-yet-busy suburban town.

And the drive to Philadelphia is a lot faster, even if you do have to get hung up in traffic on I-76.

Moving in itself was an eventful, somewhat stressful process. As was returning the moving truck. As was the conversation I had with a Comcast rep one day. As was Matt being locked out and then practically breaking in the door (whoops). There are many stories to tell, but I'm just so excited to finally have internet that I am going to go catch up on what you all had to say for the past week or so.

More writing tomorrow. Promise. I shall leave you with a picture of Blue Bell, which makes me laugh. It's the first thing that popped up on the Google Image Search, and it's of the shopping plaza just down the road from our house:

That's Clemens-no-more. It's SuperFresh now, very fancy with adjoining stores on the inside. There's another story for you. Oh my, I will try to get you all updated tomorrow.


  1. My husband & I were married in Blue Bell @ Boehm's United Church of Christ - beautiful little church not far from where I think you are :)

    I grew up in Flourtown, a stone's throw from you...

  2. Yay! Safe, sound, and with stories to tell - just how I like you... :)

  3. Oh, so glad you are back connected again.... Moving is exhilarating, exciting and very tiring. Watch out for hypos! So how did Matt get locked out - I am waiting! Please tell. I can live gregariously through you. i think moving is so fun and since it is you that is doing it I do not even have to get exhausted!

  4. Hannah; I know you are very busy, but I would be so grateful how I can get that little box below that says "email follow up comments to" on my blog too! I use blogger too. Remember I am a moron with computer stuff so please explain exactly where I can arrange this. Is it in the lay out, at the postings???? I would be so very, very thankful!

  5. Glad to get an update, and happy that you had a cute Japanese accent boy to install the wireless!

    Love the name, Bluebell.

  6. Hannah, Blogger has automatically added that button for everybody. I am so happy I do not have to do anything to get it too!


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