Friday, September 14, 2007

Worst Blogger EVAR.

So much for updates this week. Boo hiss to me.

IOU all an update on my visit with Nancy the NP and Carla the CDE, but not now. Things are busy, still a little nuts.

Yesterday was my wonderful husband's birthday. Saturday night we're going out for a fancy-schmancy dinner. I'm going to put on a nice dress and everything. I'm definitely excited.

Tonight I'm going to see my friend E in a play. I haven't been to a play in the longest time, so even if it's just the little community theater in her town, it's a big deal. She gets to wear period costume, and I get to see a play. Everybody wins. I was a drama nerd in high school, then my freshman year of college I was in an improv comedy troupe. I've always had the good fortune of being funny. It's always been easy for me, but apparently that's not a skill that just anyone can have. Go figure.

Have you ever been caught singing in your car on your commute home from work? Last week, I was driving while engaged in an energetic rendition of a cover of The Police's "King of Pain" (who sings that? I don't remember; ask my iPod). I notice out of the corner of my eye that a silver Chevy Cavalier has pulled up next to me at the stop light. I rock out like nobody's watching, as usual. The light turns green, and as the silver car passes me, I realize someone in it seems to be waving. Then the car gets in front of me in traffic, and an arm comes out of the drivers' side window, frantically waving, turned around to wave at me. Then I see my friend R's face as she grins like a nut into her side-view mirror, so I can see that it's her.

She sends me a note on MySpace...seeing me having so much fun, she says, made her entire day.

I think it's that kind infectious enthusiasm that makes the people around us happy. I think that's something we could all use this weekend. Let's do what makes us happy, and improve the lives of people around us, even if that improvement is just a smile across a table, a polite exchange in a crowd of rude people, or singing your favorite songs without apology.

Better blogging next week, I swear.

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